About us

company profile
47 years of professionalism
Itzhak Deri Ltd. is one of the leading and professional companies
in Israel in the development,
Manufacturing, importing and marketing quality and reliable heating and control elements for the industry.
Since its establishment in 1967 by Yitzhak Deri, an electrical engineer graduated from the Technion,
the company has gained considerable experience
Supplying advanced heating solutions and heating pipes for pipes in various industrial fields:
Plastics, rubber, food, chemicals, semiconductors,
Heavy industry, metal casting, machining, security factories, research laboratories and more.

Import products, tailor made solutions, imported shelf products and self-production
During the years of its activity, Yitzhak Deri has established professional business relations with
Manufacturers located in the global line of manufacturing heating and control elements for the industry,
Europe, the United States and the East In addition to the imported products,
the company has developed a number of products
Which it manufactures in its plant and markets as off-the-shelf products to the local industry.
In addition, Yitzhak Deri implements its many years of experience in
consulting and developing heating and control solutions
Designed for the needs of the customer, solutions manufactured at the Company’s plant
and installed in the customer’s production line.

Advanced heating solutions
Itzhak Deri is located in Check Post in Haifa, in a 450 square meter building,
Under one roof the production plant, development department, import department and logistic center
With a large inventory of heating and control products for industry and technical service,
Which is available to the Company’s customers throughout the country as a shelf product for immediate supply.
Some of the shelf products are import products from leading companies in the world, and some of them
Are products that have been developed in Israel and adapted to the needs of the local industry.

Quality by international standards
A comprehensive quality control system accompanies the products of Yitzhak Deri Ltd.,
Those that are imported and marketed by them, those manufactured as a personal product or as a shelf product.
The control system operates from the stage of identifying the supplier to the highest standards
Which are required by the customers of Yitzhak Deri, continues to purchase components and raw materials,
Through the production process to the installation on the customer’s production line.
The system meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000

The company’s customers enjoy a range of advanced services and products at very competitive prices:

* Manufacturing Band Heaters for Injection Machines.
* Importing and marketing heating elements “Finger” for heating molds.
* Development and manufacturing tailor made industrial heating solutions.
* Planning and manufacturing of control panels and control systems.
* Supply of temperature controllers.
* Installation of heating films to maintain constant temperature in pipelines, for energy saving.
* Services for industrial ovens.