Company Team
The people of Yitzhak Deri Ltd. are the secret of its success, the company’s directors
, Yitzhak Deri and his son Hilik Deri,
The experienced employees of the factory, the sales personnel, all the experienced workers
in the various departments of the company,
All of them are loyal to the value of professionalism and service in the company’s vision
And provide a full professional response to each customer in a personal,
Offer proven field experience and provide technical support with full availability
and nationwide deployment.

This combination, together with the broad array of imports and impressive
manufacturing capabilities, is at its disposal,
Enables it to provide its customers with a range of advanced and practical solutions
in the field of heating elements for industry and temperature control systems.

Yitzhak Deri – President of the company
Yitzhak Deri, an electrical engineer who graduated from the Technion in Haifa, founded the plant in 1967.
After many years of work and unbeatable professionalism in the fields of heating and control in the industry,
Yitzhak Deri’s many years of experience have positioned him as an authority
And as a leader in all areas of heating and control solutions in the industry.
Yitzhak Deri currently serves as President and is responsible for the development and management of special projects
And at the same time manages the company’s external relations with leading manufacturers worldwide.

Hilik Deri – CEO
Yechiel Deri (Hilik), 44, a graduate of electrical and business studies,
Joined Yitzhak Deri in 1993,
Since joining, he has specialized in all departments of the company,
Starting with professional contacts with international companies,
Through the production departments of the plant until his appointment as CEO.
Hilik is known in the industry as the successor to Yitzhak Deri,
In his control of all the secrets of the profession and as a breakthrough in his creative thinking
In all heating and control issues in the industry.

Haim Tsafrir – Marketing & Sales

Erez – Marketing and Sales 04-8401901

Eliran Zohar – Production Manager
Meirav – Customer Service

Danny Hardy – Bookkeeping